Vending Equipment

Federal Machine offers a large selection of snack vending machines. Our snack machine line features anything from compact designs ideal for the small business to larger machines that work well for large retail locations and offices. Choose the snack machine that suits your needs today.

Federal’s cold drink vending machines offer customers the broadest selection of their favorite canned or bottled beverages. Whether you vend sports drinks, water, juice, carbonated beverages, or dairy products, our drink machines are the best choice in the industry.

Offer best-selling snacks, cold drinks, refrigerated food products, and even frozen items in one vending machine. Federal’s combo machines allow you to keep your refrigerated food and drink selections icy cold while your snack items remain at a normal temperature.

Federal’s hot drink coffee vending machines offer a wide variety of selections and dispensing methods from specialty coffee drinks brewed from freshly ground beans to dispensing of single serve pods. Our coffee machines ensure the highest quality coffee in every cup.

Reduce overhead and increase revenue through retail vending for your existing business. Utilize vending to provide a self-service automated store. Federal’s products can be tailored to vend a range of products from electronics, home goods, clothing, food, and accessories, to satisfy any customer demand.